Is 40 Too Late To Have Six Packs? Discover Abs After 40 Workout

Alzheimers Association / August 2, 2016

Do you finally want the six pack you’ve been dreaming about for years? Life always seems to get in the way, and somewhere down the line you forget how much things would improve if you had visible abs. If you’ve now rediscovered your drive for acquiring the perfect body, don’t worry because you’re in luck.

It might be harder to drop body fat once you start noticing a few gray hairs, but it’s by no means impossible. In fact, the Abs After 40 program was designed specifically for someone like you. If you’re a middle-aged guy ready to proudly display your abs when you’re on the beach, why has it been so hard up until now?

Why Showcasing Your Abs After 40 Is Difficult

Nobody is trying to question your intelligence. I’m sure you know some of the many reasons why achieving a six pack isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You’ll be familiar with all of these ways you’re being held back:

• You’ve grown accustomed to unhealthy food
• Time is limited when you have more responsibilities
• Too many years of stressful work kills motivation

Even if you were to find a way of overcoming those particular problems, there is one everyone is unaware of when they begin exercising. Once you’re old enough to theoretically be a grandfather, your hormones will have completely changed.

You’re not the spring chicken you used to be, and you need to approach your new ‘dream body’ goal accordingly. Luckily the Abs After 40 program has been carefully crafted with your hormone levels in mind, but let’s take a closer look at all the great things you’ll find inside.

What The Program Hopes To Address

If the programs younger lifters stick to aren’t ideal, you’re probably wondering what makes Abs After 40 different. Here are the subtle things you’ll need to do differently.

• Tackling the hormone issue
• Taking care of your joints
• Spending less time working out

abs after 40 joints and musclesTackling The Hormone Issue

We’ve already talked about why older guys need to do everything in their power to tackle their hormone issues, and this program will help you do it effectively. It revolves around using compound exercises to elevate your hormone levels, so you’ll spend less time with pointless exercises you won’t see any benefit from these days.

Taking Care Of Your Joints

Compound exercises work more than one joint at the same time, so they’re a lot more taxing on your body. Your joints won’t be able to handle what they could in the past, which means you’ll need to look after them properly. One of the ways the program will help is by showing you which ones are safe.

Spending Less Time Working Out

You’ve also got to get the most bang for your buck, but it’s not only because you’ll be leading a busy life. Everyone knows all the magic happens once you stop lifting weights, and when you’re older you’ll need more recovery time than usual. The workouts you’ll do over the 3 months won’t take long to complete.

The Pros And Cons Of Abs After 40

The entire program is split into 3 different phases, with the first one sorting out your unbalanced hormone levels. During phase 2 you’ll still be losing body fat, but you’ll move onto focusing on your body’s most important male hormones. In the final phase you’ll melt the fat off your body until you achieve a six pack.

It all sounds good on the surface, but take a deeper look at some of the specific pros and cons you’ll experience along the way.


• Learn tricks to tighten up your core
• Find out how to overcome old injuries
• You’ll still be able to enjoy tasty food
• Fall into a state where you’re always burning fat
• Reignite the virility you might have lost
• Outperform younger guys in the gym
• Fight off diseases and slow down aging


• You will need to commit to the program
• It’s initially going to be mentally and physically tough
• You’ll need to buy a new wardrobe of clothes

Is The Abs After 40 Program Worth It?

It all depends on how much you want the body you’ve always dreamed of. Will having a six pack change your life, even if it’s just to skyrocket your confidence? If you want visible abs it’s without a doubt the best way to get them, but if you’d rather sit on the couch every night doing nothing you won’t see any results. On the plus side, follow the program and you’ll see results quicker than you could ever have imagined. The 60-day money back guarantee means you’ve got nothing to lose except lots of body fat.

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