Comprehensive Essential Oils Guide: Why doTERRA?

Alzheimers Association / January 4, 2015

Essential oils are the natural sweet smelling compounds found in various plant elements including diverse seeds, tree barks, flowers and even roots.

Through extensive scientific research, holistic practitioners, multiple health companies and manufactures, have found a way of extracting these oils from plants for humans to use for therapeutic purposes. As one of the leading companies in the essential oil industry, doTerra is well known for its quality and pure oil extraction.

Why DoTerra?

DoTerra Pure Therapeutic Essential oils are certified for its purity as the manufacturer is one of the few oils companies that don’t adulterated the products with other compounds that can nullify the natural soothing and health effects of the oils. For this reason, you can enjoy the most value of essential oils when you get them from doTerra.

DoTerra oils also use phytochemicals not manufactured from water but rather from various aromatic compounds harvested from plants. This blend of various essential oils harvested from diverse plants has been proven to have an effect in providing quality aroma, keeping the body skin healthy among other health benefits.

How to Use doTerra Essential Oils

You can use doTerra essential oils for several functions. Including:

Aromatherapy – DoTerra oils have a natural therapeutic aroma similar to that found in parks and forests. Aromatherapy is a technique of relaxation. When essentials oils are diffuse into the air, they produce a soothing smell that can make you feel relax and stress free, which is why the therapy has been known to ease stress and regular day pressure. Different plant essential oils have different aromas that give a different feel.

There are some aromas that will charge you up and give you and exciting mood. Other aromas will give you a calm and relax feel while others will stimulate you towards action. You can try out the different flavors of essential oils that are manufactured by doTerra to get various aromatherapy experiences.

Skin Care – Essential oils can also help in keeping skin smooth, looking young, healthy and smelling nice. DoTerra essential oils penetrate deep into the skin to keep it looking soft and subtle. The oils are also use for massages and other beauty therapy techniques, since they are known to release nervous stress resulting in relaxation.

Supplements – You can also use the doTerra oils as dietary supplements.

Essential oils have a wide range of health benefits; they are known to work as antioxidant while others penetrate into the skin providing essential vitamins. Keep in mind that not all essential oils are good for ingestion. You will need to buy the particular oils that have been manufactured as dietary supplements to ingest for health purposes.

Laundry – Essential oils can also be used as cleansing agents. Particularly lemon essential oils can be use as laundry detergent, by using a few drops on a stain or clothing with bad odor to have it cleaned off. They can also be used to remove greasy oil stains, stains from food and even stains from plant substances and sap. Essential oils are also known to keep leather looking cozy and fresh. You can therefore use a few drops of the essential oil on a rug and wipe your leather seats, shoes and other leather items to give them a fresh look.